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Minimize Workplace Risk with Proven Fall Protection Systems

Falls are one of the most common risks in the work place, especially in the commercial, industrial and manufacturing sectors. Prevent these from taking place by partnering with Souvenir Building Materials, the foremost supplier of some of today’s best body protection harnesses and fall protection systems.

Since our inception, we have made it our mission to equip businesses and workers with the best safety solutions available, particularly in industries where working at extremely high places is a daily part of the job. No matter the industry, you can rest assured our fall protection lanyard, harness and complete systems provide 100 per cent safety.

Its wide range of applications include mining, construction and even at rigs used in the oil and gas industry. Whatever the size and scope of your safety needs, we are here to help you ensure occupational safety at all times.For world-class fall protection lanyard and harness systems, trust Souvenir Building Materials.

Worker safety and protection is our number 1 concern

Ensuring the safety and well-being of workers is a major issue faced by numerous companies. Apart from that, it is mandated by government and authorities for businesses to ensure worker security at work.

At Souvenir Building Materials, this is our specialty. We provide you with the necessary tools and equipment to minimize risks and accidents in the workplace, which makes sure your people get to do their job efficiently and safely.

Our fall protection harness systems are made of highly durable material to ensure structural integrity and rigidity in worst-case scenarios such as unexpected falls from high areas. Designed to achieve a personalised fit based on the physique of the user, our fall protection harness products ensure comfort during use and reduced risk of injuries from abrupt stops during falls.

These can be paired with our fall protection lanyard products, which enhance the security and safety of your personnel. Choose from different variants, depending on the need of your field specialists. We have simple connector lanyards that can be secured to a fall protection anchor point, and we have more advanced lanyards that are equipped with a shock absorption design.

View our range of first-quality protective equipment

We understand that ensuring worker safety in the workplace goes a long way in boosting the confidence and efficiency of our customers’ workers. As such, we persist in upgrading our products and protection gears to provide a higher grade of safety for various industries.

Based in Dubai and Jebel Ali Free Zone, we are here to help you source top-quality protection harness units and complete safety gears and systems. Our extensive product portfolio comprises workwear, respirators, protection lanyards and equipment, high visibility vests and garments, fire safety equipment, workwear, safety shoes and working gloves.