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Quality Safety Gear from One of Dubai’s Top Coverall Suppliers

Souvenir Building Materials is a well-known supplier of products and services related to occupational safety. As one of the leading coverall suppliers in Dubai and UAE, we provide a broad range of protective clothing that is designed for protection in the workplace. Our aim is to promote safety across all industries and build a network of safety conscious organizations.

Our company is supported by a team of PPE specialists with significant experience in research and development, procurement and merchandising of protective gears to answer the need for a safe working environment.


Your Partner in Safety and Risk Management

At Souvenir Building Materials, we don’t just provide gears to customers. We deliver long lasting solutions to address issues concerning occupational safety within companies and organizations, while ensuring that our customers get value for their money. As one of the trusted safety coverall suppliers in UAE, our line of protective clothing is proven to save lives and prevent injury, but also durable and can withstand harsh working conditions to protect the wearer at all times.

Apart from providing quality safety clothing and gears, we ensure that our customers are satisfied with our service by guaranteeing on-time delivery of protective equipment, in accordance with the specifications of the customer. Our efficient service makes us an ideal partner in promoting a safe working environment.


Comprehensive Workwear Line from Trusted UAE Coverall Supplier

We don’t just focus on one product. Our wide range of PPE provides full body protection to users and helps reduce body exposure when working in hazardous environments. Our customers can choose from a variety of top brands that are well-known in the field of PPE and protective gears.

Our coverall products can provide full protection to the user with these features:

  • Enhanced wearer visibility
  • Chemical and fire resistant
  • Puncture and heat resistant
  • Static discharge prevention
  • Ergonomic body support

Promote a safe and secure working environment today

Get in touch with us and see how our products can help improve the safety of your people. Call us at +971 2 555 2969 or send your inquiry through our Contact Form.