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Get the best safety glasses & goggles in Dubai here

Protective eyewear is essential for workers who are constantly exposed to various hazards, such as chemicals and harmful particles. Protective goggles and glasses are used in various industries where there is a constant threat to the health and condition of the eyes. Such protective eye wear is also used by people operating powerful devices such as high powered cutting tools and drills so flying particles do not reach the eyes.

Souvenir Building Materials is here to ensure you get top quality safety glasses in Dubai for the highest level of protection against hazards in the work place.


Our line of safety goggles in UAE: Enhanced vision and safety guaranteed

Our range of protective eyewear is particularly designed to help you ensure safety and protection under different kinds of working conditions, while guaranteeing clear vision and functionality regardless of light quality. Our products are inspired by the need for reliable and effective protection for the eyes given the risky situation some workers encounter daily. As such, we have put together a product offering that does not just keep the eyes safe and secure, but also provide impressive comfort and style.


Innovative design and protection – it’s all there in our safety eyewear

Our safety eyewear units are all manufactured with cutting-edge design, advanced types of protective coating and using state-of-the-art technology. Through ensuring the reliability and quality of our products, we seek to instil a sense of confidence in our customers as they use our protective equipment at work.

As a leading manufacturer and distributor of protective eye glasses and goggles, our topmost priority is to ensure the protection of your eyes against all possible hazards and risks. To see more of our products, browse through our selection and find the one that best fits your needs.