1011239 (Smartfit Corded)
Hearing Protection

Product Code

SmartFit (Corded)

CONFORMING MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY™ Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) adapts plug to the contours of the ear canal for a more personalized fit, feels better the longer you wear it. FLAT FIN SEAL Creates better seal, more comfortable inside the ear canal. FLANGED HANDLE For easy handling. DETACHABLE CORD Allowed for corded or uncorded wear choice. HEARPACK STORAGE CASE

Ears are like people — each one unique and different. That’s what makes SmartFit such a marvel of user-friendly design. The only multiple-use earplug with Conforming Material Technology™ SmartFit uses body heat to adapt to the shape of the ear canal for a comfortable, personalized fit. With an a detachable cord system and HearPack packaging, it’s the ultra-smart choice for today’s diverse workplace.

SNR (dB) 30