1005509 ( LG20)
Eye Protection

Product Code

LG20 Indirect Vent, Clear FogBan Polycarbonate Lens
Feature: Impact resistant polycarbonate (PC) lens for excellent protection against flying particles, coarse dusts, liquid droplets, mists and sprays. Lightweight design.
Benefit: Soft seal and easily adjustable headband fits a wide variety of workers. Chemistry version with an acetate Fog-Ban lens is available. Weight is 75 gr. to 79 gr.



  • Automotive and Part Manufacturer
  • Building and Construction
  • Food Industries
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Laboratory
  • Maintenance

Product Use
Economy goggles with good impact resistance (120 m/s) and large field of vision.
LG 20 goggles have indirect ventilation (4 vents) offers protection against droplets of liquids