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Vaultex Celebrates Decades of Excellence

A positive work environment promotes emotions of creativity and freedom. It makes an atmosphere that ensures perfect workflow among team members and workers. Let's discover ways to achieve the perfect work environment!

Vaultex Celebrates Decades of Excellence

The spaces we occupy shape our behavior – who we are and who we can become. Work environments can have serious psychological impacts on the well-being of the workers and their creative performances. Many of us spend years within the same office environment or even on the same desk and chair.

When it comes to building your own interior office work space there are a few proven scientific measures that you can accommodate in your design process to improve your office productivity forever. Here are a few key takeaways to keep in mind.

Provide workers opportunity to design

Craig Knight, director of the Identity Realization workplace consultancy, showed this in a 2010 study with Alex Haslam involving 47 office workers based in London. Those workers given the opportunity to arrange a small office with as many or few plants and pictures as they wanted were up to 32 percent more productive than others not given this control. They also identified more with their employer, a sign of increased commitment to the team effort and increased efficiency.

Many companies in the present provide their employees with a small amount of money to furnish their own spaces. You should consider allowing your staff have their say when considering their own immediate space. If they have the opportunity to design it, they would surely have a more productive time being within it.

Choose rounded furniture

In a 2011 study, hundreds of undergrads looked at computer-generated pictures of room interiors and rated those filled with curvilinear (rounded), as opposed to rectilinear, furniture as more pleasing and inviting. Another study out this year found that people rated curvy, rounded environments as more beautiful than straight-edged rectilinear environments and that the rounded spaces triggered more activity in brain regions associated with reward and aesthetic appreciation.

If you do have the luxury to design your own office, considering incorporating rounded furniture rather than sharp and straight-edged. Creating such an environment has been linked with positive emotions.

Moving a step further, curved and rounded structure can be extended to the arrangement of a workplace. For example, sitting in circles provokes a collective mindset while sitting in straight lines triggers feelings of individuality.